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March 8, 2012

In Honor of International

Women’s Day

Every year, thousands of people walk, run and shop for “the cure.” Millions of dollars are raised, but where does all the money go, and what is actually achieved? A stunning and revealing look at the pink ribbon "cause marketing" industry. More...


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March 8 – 11

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2012 Talking Pictures Festival

We welcome you to the fourth annual Talking Pictures Festival, a celebration of the vibrant, diverse and unique stories that independent cinema has to offer. This year’s line-up includes a wonderful mix of films, including many selections from the Chicago area ranging from fiction shorts to feature-length documentaries.

According to Indiewire, women made up only 5% of Hollywood directors in 2011. Although we didn't set out to counter these statistics when we began the festival programming process, we are proud that this year's festival includes a great number of works by women filmmakers. From our Opening Night film PINK RIBBONS, INC. by Léa Pool to Shira Piven's FULLY LOADED and Xan Aranda's ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR, these films represent an impressive range of topics, genres, and styles –  underlining the creative strength and vision of independent cinema. True to its name, screenings at the Talking Pictures Festival are often accompanied by discussions with filmmakers and guest speakers –  we hope you can join us for some of these conversations! 

Organized by the non-profit Percolator Films, the Talking Pictures Festival is a very collaborative, community-based undertaking – we couldn’t do this without the many volunteers who work alongside our festival staff, the community groups that co-present programs with us, and the local businesses that assist us through their sponsorships. A very special ‘thank you’ goes to the Mammel Foundation for their support of the festival and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism for once again partnering with us. 

Thank you all for your support!     

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