Movies that Will Make You Wonder Why You Haven’t Moved to Chicago

The city of Chicago may not be as well-regarded as New York City or Los Angeles, but the Windy City is known for its own distinctive architecture and culture. Located in the heart to the Midwest, Chicago’s landmarks and Midwestern charm have been immortalized in many a movie. Whether it’s the tall skyline featuring the […]


The Makings of a Great Documentary Film

Creating an entertaining documentary is a challenging (yet rewarding) experience for filmmakers, especially for those looking to engage viewers with a topic that’s usually forgotten or ignored. While thought-provoking documentaries have the potential to go viral and cause a societal reaction (I’m looking at you, Making a Murderer), a dull documentary will send viewers straight […]


Top 5 Movies Ever Filmed in Chicago

With exciting tourist attractions and plenty of hometown pride, the city of Chicago has been the backdrop for some the most popular movies ever made. From thrillers to family comedies, the Windy City has seen its fair share of blockbusters hits. To review some of the best movies that were filmed in Chicago, take a […]